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"The Wound is the place where the Light Enters You." Rumi

Whether it is stress, anxiety, depression, lack or self worth, focus or direction, you can find a new path. 

We all have the ability to release ourselves from the 

shackles that we have unconsciously placed on ourselves. 

USING CRISIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY:  Change (collective or personal) through processing that which is repressed or suppressed is fastest and most direct gateway to growth and healing. 

YOU CAN RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN: You have to feel to heal.  We all have the ability to use current life events as a healing opportunity to subconsciously retrain our minds and create new neural pathways in our brains. This process includes bringing to light memory regressions and emotional suppressions and surrendering to the cycle of healing. 


CPTSD & RETROSPECTIVE/ DEVELOPMENTAL TRAUMA: Relationships shape the way that you relate to yourself and all of life. More and more people are walking around with an insecure attachment template, meaning in childhood they did not feel safe, seen, secure, and soothed.  These unprocessed wounds have tremendous stored uo potential and can be transformed into unlocked potential when somatically released from the body and subconsciously processed in the mind.


My name "Kimia" means alchemy

One definition of alchemy is turning regular metal into gold.  Another definition of alchemy is "from the darkness this knowledge comes and brings light."

Personal alchemy is the the art of transforming blockages, triggers, and pain into personal power & purpose - using what is perceived as "negative" as an opportunity for conscious growth, healing and stepping into the light and your own unique purpose.  When you do this work from the inside out, you become more connected to yourself and all that you come into contact with along this walk of life.


Are you ready to make a big change in your life but have no idea where to begin? Are you always exhausted, feel physical pain, tension and stress in your body? Do you feel bogged down by clutter in your physical space, emotions that keep coming up about your past, or fear and anxiety about an uncertain future??

The biggest step is excavating what is no longer serving you by getting crystal clear on current challenges and concerns in various areas of your life. Once you are aware of what is limiting, constricting, restricting and oppressive, you can use the power of intention, mindful awareness, and action to surrender ... to let go and let flow. We all have the ability to reprogram our subconscious brains and shift mental focus from numbing, running, and fighting into alignment with our true goals and dreams. From this standpoint. you step out of being a victim into conscious creatorship on a path of growth and healing.


"We need to transform the lead of personality into the gold of the Spirit. This work is only possible in the laboratory of the Alchemist."

Samael Aun Weor

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