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About Me

I believe that we are at a time on that planet when consciousness is expanding as division, fear and polarity are more poignant. We each have to do our own healing work in order to heal the collective. I educate, lead groups and train practitioners and healers on the path of self awareness, consciousness and growth. I also work 1:1 to teach, educate and facilitate others in how to transform triggers and into consciousness and healing.  I  educate others with a concentration on healing familial dysfunction, developmental trauma, mental dis-ease, neuroscience, attachment theory, interpersonal relationships, intrapersonal healing and life purpose work. I have found that trauma can always be reframed as an opportunity to transform pain and unconsciousness into healing medicine. 

I have dedicated myself to learning how to use my own personal experiences to be that healing force for others. I  have a portfolio of vast, yet specialized trainings & certifications, which I use as my tools to be of service. I teach in group workshops, specialized classes, and facilitate for various nonprofit organizations.  My passion is to empower others through facilitation, knowledge-sharing and teaching. 

As the indigenous people say, "As we heal, we become walking medicine for others."

"It is not your fault, but it is your responsibility (to heal yourself)." 
I believe that as we heal, we heal everyone we are in contact with.  This leaves a positive impact on humanity and a positive imprint within our families, our community, and the planet.  As we process repressed and suppressed emotions, we emotionally uplevel and become more conscious, compassionate, attuned and capable of empathy (for ourselves and others).

Trainings & Certifications:

Who I Help:

I mainly work with those who are highly empathetic to others but are somewhat disconnected to their own needs, feelings, desires, and emotions.  I also specialize in people who have stored up potential due to childhood narcisstic wounding and unprocessed emotional trauma. Anyone ripe to the process of personal alchemy and transformation.

How I Do It:

 I use various psychology-based techniques, healing modalities, integrative practices, breathwork, intuition, and mirroring to help you to become mindful and aware of patterns and challenges that not serving you to release them to make room in your life to create the future you intend to manifest for yourself.  

What's in It for You?

You are in charge of your own journey, but you can think of me as in the passenger seat giving you a road map. As you take full responsibility for your own healing, transformation, and life's intentions, you organically release chaos & negative habits and step into the truth of who you are on an essence level.
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