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Application for Upcoming Program

As a collective, we are stepping into a new paradigm and consciousness for the planet. The Chinese symbol for crisis is also the symbol for opportunity. 

This program will inform you of the current times we are currently in and will guide you through personal  activations and tools to attune to your personal purpose and to activate your own unique path. You will learn how to transform personal unconsciousness as an opportunity to hold and carry the light of consciousness and awareness. This program has limited space and will begin in Fall 2023.  

Creating boundaries and tuning into sensitivity as a gifts

This training explains what narcissism is, the root of it, and how being in this type of relationship will erode self-esteem, isolate you, spin you out, put you on an endless rollercoaster, cause you to lose your grounding, and creates self-doubt, insecurity, fear, anxiety, and self-blame. We will also cover skills on how to be in relationship with high conflict personality types without losing yourself in the process. 

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Clearing the internal chaos at a time of external destabilization


Synchronistic patterns and traumas in adulthood  (both emotional and physical) are a gateway and doorway to reactivate and process repressed and suppressed emotions tied to childhood that are not fully emotionally processed. Initial psychological symptomatology gives us the logical/left brain understanding of what needs to be healed, but it is through the creative, right-brain that we are able to use these events as a healing opportunity to bring to light memory, mental regressions and emotional suppressions to heal. Sessions include RAI (relational attachment integration), intimate therapeutic work & healings.


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