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A Time of Healing

the Wounded Masculine

Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine Within 

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“The healthy person does not torture others.  It is the tortured who torture others.” Carl Jung

Hurt people hurt people.  Wounded people accidentally wound other wounded people.

We are moving from a time of domination, narcissism, self-orientation, entitlement, disconnection, separation and aggression into a time when we balance and heal the inner energetics of what can be referred to as the feminine and masculine. This does not have to do with sex, but rather describes an energetic component of being whole on to one's self imbuing the energies of: protection, security, integrity, light, giving, penetrating, yang energy, focus, linear left brain AND nurturance, compassion, truth, intuition, cyclical patterns, healing, sharing, affection, receiving, communing, and yin energy.  We are at a time on the planet when we are having to eradicate what is deficient or defunct in our inner masculine (yang) or our inner feminine (yin) and to rebalance ourselves from the inside out.  We are also in a time when we need to let go of focus from and on the outside. We must learn to make the shift to meet our needs and healing from the inside out. Releasing the wounded masculine and stepping into an uplevelled masculine that is united with the feminine and respects the feminine is the paradigm shift of attuning to our own energetic, our own being, and the light within.

So what is narcissism?

-fantasies of unlimited power and success

-sees self as special

-associates with high status people

-envious of others

-lacks empathy

-needs admiration and adoration

-sense of entitlement

-the predator

-addictive repetition compulsion


-sexual compulsions

-emotional withholding

-fragile false-self

-gas lighting

-one way pleasure

-one-way conversations


-stalk - hoovering




-excessive criticism/demeaning


-emotional abuse

-outbursts of rage (can be silent/energetic)

-silent treatments


-conditional love



-lacks integrity (words do not match actions)

-silver tongued


-learned behavioral patterns


How does a narcissistic personality affect those they are in relationship with?

It makes a huge negative impact personally and within the confines of the relationship, which radiates out to all aspects of life

-erodes self-esteem


-spins you out

-puts you on an endless rollercoaster

-loss of mastery 

-high on depression/confusion/grief

-puts you up on a pedestal just to drop you on your ass

-betrays loyalty

-second-guessing yourself

-keeping the abuse a secret

-lying to friends and family/embarrassment

-repeat episodes

breakup – stalk - make up

-idealize devalue discard


-self criticism

-self blame





-feeling lost


-feeling ungrounded 

-feeling deficient within

-ptsd symptomatology 

-jealousy through triangulation

-not trusting yourself

-disconnection from intuition

-walking on eggshells

-nervous disorders and nightmares

-sympathetic nervous system switched on

-adrenal fatigue

-activates unprocessed or overly charged emotions

-can cause suicidal ideation


-highway to excavating developmental trauma that is inaccessible prior to reactivation

-drains you

-depletes you (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically)


classic cycle of how narcissism

-love bombing, devaluation, discarding, hoovering, no-closure, rinse-repeat cycle

This is a time to clean out self doubt, faulty imprinting, self-deprecation, arrogance, imprinting, and any separation and disconnection. 

We can do this process within by energetically clearing lopsided or dysfunctional relational dynamics:

-set intention to clear on a core, genetic, history, and soul level

-become a detective and find the energetic imbalance within a specific relational dynamic

-bring in white light to dislodge any energetic depletion that is coming from out of your being or any energetic that you are unconsciously bringing in that is not yours; have the light come in and lift it up 3 feet or so in front of you

-call back in any energy that you have lost and direct it to be cleared and cleansed before integrating it.  send back any energy that is not yours and direct it to be cleared and cleansed before sending it back to its rightful owner.  wait until you feel it has been received by you or by the other person

-bring in the energy of integrity and full responsibility of what is yours and the other person to be fully in integrity and fully responsible for what originally belongs to them

-track back to any correlations of relational patterns this is bringing up for you, and also call in any fragments that were previously lost.  have them cleansed and cleared and integrated within.  cleanse, clear and send back and fragments that are not yours to the rightful owner

-be in gratitude for the current relationship for all of the healings that were activated from within

-release any patternings of narcissism or neglect within and without and divert that energy out on a level where it will no longer be a match (you can do this into the sky or down into the earth)

-“I love you and all of life enough to allow you to be whoever you want to be on your journey, and I love myself enough to choose what is the TRUE journey for me. Therefore we are not a match and I thank you for showing me what I need to heal within myself, and I can let go and allow us both to experience the journey that is our choice as it stands now.”

-we must have compassion and empathy and unconditional love for those who are hurt and place their wounding on others.  it is our job to not accept that wounding in our field and energetic, but we can send understanding and consciousness and awareness and the energy of peace to those who hurt 

-we can lead by example through our own empowerment, and then others have a choice to meet us where we are at, instead of disempowering ourselves into submission where one has power over us

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