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Vortex = swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration; places where the earth seems especially alive with energy; vortices help you to feel inspired, recharged, restored, and/or uplifted; have the ability to transform lives

Unique Vortices of the Winged Ones: 

the Vulture Vortex: vultures release the spirit of carrion that they have eaten by flying up in a vortex in the sky. a group of vultures is called a committee or a venue.  A group of vultures that are in flight or a flock of vultures is called a kettle. When a group of vultures is feeding on carrion they are called a wake. Black vultures are seen as guardians, protection, absorption of negative energy and renewal

Vortex of Turkey Vultures During Fall Migration 

the Hawk Vortex: hawks: fly in a vortex and impart wisdom and messages from the stars, the divine masculine, and from the heavens down onto the earth. The share wisdom and messages and information to those who are ready to receive it 

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Upflow Areas (also called Masculine or Electric) –These sites help you with reflections where soaring to a higher perspective is what you want; feeling one with the Universe or your faith’s view of the Infinite, answers to problems from an expanded/outside-the-box point of view,


Inflow Areas (also called Feminine or Magnetic) –These sites help you go inward for introspective prayer and meditation. They are also particularly useful for healing scars from the past. The flowing water at these sites helps you release old hurts and nurture new growth.


Combination Sites (also called Electromagnetic) –These sites have multiple energies that allow you to do more spiritual and mind/body skills.

PORTAL = a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one

Examples of Portals:

-portal into the dream state and lucid dreaming

-portal or doors into caves

-portal into tipi medicine

-portal as the space between realms; between the conscious and the unconscious; when we make something unconscious conscious we open a new portal of doorway into consciousness and knowing

-relationships can be portals or doorways into seeing different parts of ourselves or mirrors of parts of ourselves that we either love or are wounded and need our love

-eclipses: portals of transformation and unexpected change; Buddhist days of observation

-trauma as a portal to exponential healing, empathy and personal growth

-consciousness is a portal: our consciousness can take you into any time period in life; if it is blocked or there is fear around it, we can create a self-imposed prison.  A portal that feels like a black hole and takes energy instead of feeling inspired and life giving

-chakras as portals or openings

-palms and the hands as energy centers and portals of healing

-imagination as the portal or bridge between the ordinary and nonordinary realities – help us to extend our consciousness; the dream portal does the same thing

-the voice as a portal of wisdom coming through and unlocking our own personal wisdom; the paradox is that our words can also be used as poison and cut and fragment

-mind is a portal to perception: when we perceive the world differently, we alchemize our reality; we change it by the way we focus and perceive it

-animals and our pets as portals to take in our subconscious or emotional material and what is occurring in the space. Also need to have a portal for them to release what they are holding for us.  They are unconditional love and symbolize loyalty and camaraderie.

This excerpt is from Live, Love Paws a book on Captain’s  life lessons: “when you come home from a stressful day part of my job as a healer is to ground you. I show up at the door with joy to help you shift your energy back to its natural state. If you are not attending to your thoughts, actions, and feelings in a positive way, as the healer, I take this on for you.I am here for you always but this is also your training to be a master in your own universe. I teach you how to do this by example – going for walks, being in silence, connecting with the ocean, and planting myself in the grass. Become one with the earth, feel yourself rooted to the central core as roots extend from your own body – feel the support. I do this naturally and I am doing this for you all the time. I am constantly showing you what is going on with me as to what is out of balance in your life. If you love yourself, and me, you will attend to your energy in how you are Being so I don’t always have to take on the stress and therefore, I AM at peace. Grounding and healing is your daily responsibility it will bring us both health and ease and eventually when my physical presence is gone, the training wheels come off and it is up to you."

-heart portal and death portal (portal back to source); two vortices collide and combine; A portal to grief can also be seen as a breaking open or a portal for a higher capacity of love to the person experiencing the pain. The latin root to grief also means birthing.  When grief is allowed to be expressed, everything flows and gets unstuck.  Grief is an energy that radiates.

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