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Clearing & Reset

1-on-1 session descriptions

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Releasing, letting go, and accumulating energy for new beginnings and smooth transitions

​Are you ready to make a big change in your life but have no idea where to begin? Are you exhausted or feel physical pain, tension, and stress in your body? Do you feel bogged down by clutter in your physical space, emotions that keep coming up about your past, or fear and anxiety about an uncertain future??

This year marks an important transition between one level of experience and the next.  It is a time of breaking routine and completely changing how we operate in life so that we have the power and energy to reach new levels evolution. 

This session is a clearing and reset that will leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated. As you clear what is no longer serving you, you will gain clarity and inspiration on how to move forward with grace and ease. 


Alignment and Inventory Session

Due to Covid, many of us have been stuck at home and isolated from many of the activities that we used to do to numb us and hide repressed and suppressed emotions.  This time is an opportunity to welcome emotional patterns that are coming out of the shadows and into the light.  This session can be looked at as a life "inventory session" where you will gain clarity on where you are in various areas in your life. By taking a look inside, you can become mindful, clear, centered and more aligned for the future.  Personal triggers lead us to insight on our trends. Noting and tracking our personal patterns help to unlock patterns of unconscious thoughts, behaviors and actions.  In this session you will also receive intuitive guiance, mirroring, and next steps on how to clear emotional baggage that is no longer serving you to create more balance and harmony in your interpersonal relationships as well as with your relationship with yourself.  

Trauma Therapy
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Process the Trauma...Release the Drama

Many of us have experienced an incident that put us in defense physiology. If you do not unpack and process emotional events on both a subconcious and conscious level, they can create memeory regressions and emotional patterns that are stored in the physiology of your body and physical experience.  This can play out as repeated negative relationship experiences where there are different "players" in your reality but the emotions that reside in your are the same.  

In this subconscious emotional transformation session, you will first get out of the  sympathetic dominant mode of fight, flight, freeze, and emotional dysregulation. Once your central nervous system is regulated, your mind becomes calm and your body at ease.  It is at this point where I will help you excavate the specific trauma or relational trigger that tripped your system.  Through a methodic process, you will release what once created an interference and reprogram your subconscious with a new and more aligned program. 


Neurologic Retraining & Nervous System Reset

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) is a gentle healing system that is used to address stress and promote balance in the body, including the nervous, muscular, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. When a system moves out of balance and becomes exhausted, it creates a pattern of physical, emotional, and chemical symptoms including illness and disease. This technique removes interference and helps energy flow in the mind-body system. You organically move from defense physiology and into growth and healing.  We first work on the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, flee), then the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), and finally neutralizing any repressed/suppressed or charged emotions. As you build new neurocircuitry to heal and integrate, you repattern neurocircuitry of fear, stress, and anxiety. 

All sessions are done via phone or zoom.  

Sessions cost: $180 per session and $90 per 1/2 session

Scholarships are available to those who are impeded due to financial circumstance.  Please feel free to message me for more information.

You are also welcome to make a financial donation if you feel called to do so based on information or energy that you have obtained through healing sessions, information shares, and one on one sessions.
Venmo: @projectalchemy

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